Typographic system
Vimeto Z, Rotterdam, 2020
Vimeto Italic BIG, screenprint
Vimeto G (variable)
Vimeto Italic P, acrylic painting, 100x70cm
Vimeto G / R / I / D, acrylic painting, 70x100cm
Vimeto R, screenprint
Vimeto Italic B, Rotterdam, 2020
Vimeto – G / R / I / D (variable)
Vimeto BE, acrylic painting, 3,6x3,6m
Vimeto G, Centraal Museum. Photo by Alessa Joseph

Vimeto is a variable typographic system based on horizontal and vertical bars with the same weight. The base of the characters exist of at least 4 horizontal bars and it can vary until 18. Where normally letters consist of only a few stems or sticks, Vimeto is a typographic research to see what happens with the legibility when more bars are added. With every addition, the amount of black stays the same, but visually the character becomes lighter. The horizontal bars are supported by a vertical one, creating a kind of backbone, which makes the character very solid and stable. Vimeto prints are available in the shop.