Typographic system
Nespor – R. 100x100cm, Rotterdam.
Nespor – D. Fineliner, A3.
Nespor – X. 275x156cm, Utrecht.
Nespor – R. Fineliner, A3.
Nespor – G. 225x225cm, Antwerpen. Photo: Naomi Kolsteren.
Nespor – D. Gel pen, A3.
Nespor – X. Fineliner, A3.
Nespor – C. 215x280cm, Utrecht
Nespor – Q. Fineliner, A3.
Nespor – W. 80x150cm, Utrecht.
Nespor – K. Fineliner, paper, A3.
Nespor – O with stroke. 75x145cm, Utrecht.
Nespor – R. Fineliner, spraypaint, A3.
Nespor – Q. 290x170cm, Utrecht.
Nespor – K. 190x190cm, Utrecht.
Nespor – S. Fineliner, A3.

Nespor is a grid-based typographic project. The characters are designed as one family, but also have the quality to stand on their own. The white space and margins are equally important as the shapes itself. It’s a typographic research that started off on screen and was then further explored on paper, by drawing the different characters with fineliner and ruler. Line by line, almost as a meditative way of working. Recently the Nespor characters appear in public space which makes them even more alive and alienating. Drawings available in the shop.